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Bridge Academy

Why Choose Bridge?

Do you have a child or children transferring to secondary school in September 2019?

Why choose The Bridge Academy?

At The Bridge Academy we aim to combine the best of the state and independent sectors.

No aspect of our practice is especially radical, rather, we aim to keep things simple and do them well.  For us, it really is all about having a clear vision, being values driven, focusing relentlessly on results, and developing leaders at every level of the organisation.

Focus on Learning

We have an achievement-oriented culture where all students work hard and it is cool to be smart.

We expect students to follow revision and equipment rules, wear uniform with pride and always be ‘on task’, fully engaged and ready to learn. We offer a richly academic, varied and exciting curriculum, delivered though lessons which are rigorous, engaging and underpinned by meaningful feedback.

Practice Perfect

Our teachers are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, and never stop trying to develop their pedagogy.

We believe that Perfect Practice makes Perfect, and so we develop our teachers through disciplined practice and one-to-one coaching.  We practise key Teach Like A Champion techniques collectively as a staff every week, and set aside time fortnightly for more-in-depth coaching sessions.

Culture of Revision

We put a culture of revision at the heart of students’ everyday practice - every day, students are required to revisit prior learning in order to improve their long-term retention of key knowledge.

Personal Development and Careers

We have exceptionally high standards, and our ‘no excuses’ approach instils strong learning habits ultimately helping students become better qualified, more successful and happier.

Our unique partnership with UBS means that we can offer a remarkable range of opportunities for students to develop the personal attributes they need to succeed in later life.  For example, during their time at Bridge every student will learn a musical instrument and perform as part of a large ensemble; every student will visit an Art gallery, watch a live music performance and go to the theatre; and every student will learn a language.

We offer Duke of Edinburgh to all students from Year 9 upwards, opportunities for students to apply Mathematics in real-life contexts, and the Bridge Basketball Mentoring Academy.

In addition, we offer truly outstanding careers provision from the moment our students arrive at the Academy to their last day here and beyond! Our full-time careers advisor oversees a programme which includes University and workplace visits, bespoke careers advice and guidance, interview practice, work experience, mentoring from UBS volunteers and much, much more.


In 2017/18, Bridge became national debating champions, won the Hackney Mayor’s award for the quality of our musical ensembles and the Incorporated Society of Musicians Gold Award, and maintained our National Basketball League 1 status.

With GCSE and A Level outcomes in the top 10% nationally, over 25% of students going to Russell Group Universities, and one Fulbright Scholar and three students going to Cambridge in 2017/18, Bridge students know what it takes to achieve.

Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris (KS3)
Paddy Cassidy (KS4)
Alison Underwood (Sixth Form)
Jennifer Evans

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb