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What does the programme offer?

Computer Networking Classes using official Cisco CCNA Material from CISCO

You will be learning about networks and with the right network skills, you can embark on an exciting and well-paying career in IT or you can bring those vital skills to an internship or job in some other industry.

You might even catch the entrepreneurial spirit and start your own network-based company.

Secure a pass to your future by enrolling on our Cisco Networking Academy course at the Bridge Academy.

Set yourself apart as Courses can lead to a Cisco certification which is an impressive addition to your CV and can open the door to an exhilarating and opportunity-rich future.

When does the workshop run?

EVERY Thursday during term time 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Room 3P6.

The Community Computer Club is open to all Hackney residents, Bridge Staff & Parents and the Local Community.

There is no cost to you. All you need is the willingness to improve your Computer Skills!
This Programme is entirely funded by The Bridge Academy with generous support from our partner UBS.

How do I register?

Contact: Faisal Bakht, Community ICT Projects Coordinator
Email: Faisal.Bakht@Bridgeacademy.hackney.sch.uk  
Tel: 020 7749 5240


In addition to gaining skills and experience in Microsoft Software, if you have any concerns regarding the internet or safety, Mr Bakht can offer guidance and advice to help keep your child safe.

Mr Chris Brown

Vice Principals:
Kelly Harris (KS3)
Paddy Cassidy (KS4)
Alison Underwood (Sixth Form)
Jennifer Evans

Finance &
Resources Director:

Ken Robb